We are doing our bit for the environment

It is everyones responsibility to do their bit for the environment. We are constantly reviewing our service to make our business more friendly to the environment.

Here is what we have been doing.

  • Woodhouse water have been reusing our plastic water cooler bottles for years.

  • All our vans have the latest low emission engines.

  • We use additives in our vans to help lower emissions.

  • We offer a range of compostable cups and a range of recyclable cups. Please check what your recycling collection service can deal with.

  • All our water cooler machines are well maintained and last for many years. New customers may well have a machine that is being reused.

Important note about recyclable cups

Some recyclable cups can only be recycled at specialist recycling centers. Please check before assuming recyclable cups can be recycled in your normal recycling collection. Putting specialist only recyclable cups in your normal recycling can mean the rest of the recycling in that load is contaminated and all ends up being burned. If in doubt, our range of compostable cups is a safe choice, ask us about compostable cups next time you order your cups.