Water Standards

NATURAL MINERAL WATER is an official designation laid down in the UK Natural Mineral Water Regulations. These Regulations require that the water:-

  • Come from a specified underground source which is protected from any kind of pollution
  • Be stable in its chemical and physical composition
  • Satisfy microbiological criteria and be free from harmful bacteria
  • Receive no treatment other than filtration and carbonation
  • Be bottled at source and be fitted with tamper evident seals
  • Be registered through the local authority as a Natural Mineral Water, following a two-year period of repeated testing to ensure that the criteria have all been met
  • Undergo regular analysis after recognition by an approved laboratory to ensure that these exacting standards are maintained
Water Cooler Conversation

CELTIC VALE NATURAL MINERAL WATER abides stringently with the legislation regarding Mineral Water. Testing is conducted weekly by an independent laboratory. Daily testing is also conducted by a microbiologist in-house.