Why have a water cooler

The human body requires at least 2 – 3 pints of water each day, in addition to any other fluids you drink, to work at its maximum efficiency.

The use of air conditioning, central heating, computers and photocopiers make our schools and offices much drier and warmer places than we think. Dehydration can occur quickly and can cause the following problems: headaches, joint pain, dry cracked skin, dizziness, tiredness, stress, lethargy and constant desire to eat.

Water Cooler Conversation

Imagine how much all those symptoms can affect a persons work day and efficiency, yet alone their health if not remedied.

A tired, sluggish, stressed worker achieves far less than a happy bright energetic one – and all it could take to turn that around is a glass of water!

Our water coolers provide constant access to fresh, pure, refreshing mineral water. Allowing you and your colleagues to stay hydrated and happy.